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The Human Zoo

Radio 4 offers yet another resource of value, in this case to students taking ECON2548. There are now five series of The Human Zoo, with series one being repeated currently (but all available for replay). Lots of discussion that relates to behavioural economics, with commentary from Kahneman and others.

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Voices from Our Industrial Past: Women

Radio 4 again offers some valuable background for ECON2547 students, with Professor Emma Griffin of UEA, whose current focus is “a history of working-class life during the industrial revolution”. This programme  “examines the lives of working women during the industrial revolution, through a rich body of neglected sources – working-class autobiography”, offering accounts of first hand experience in the factories and the transformative consequences for women of the industrial revolution.

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David Graeber’s History of Debt

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Once again, Radio 4’s lunchtime slot is hosting an interesting little series that will be of value to ECON2547 students. The series is based on Graeber’s 2011 book, Debt: The First 5000 Years. Listen again here.

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