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Topic 8: Market structures

Lecture handouts

Intro and Perfect competition handout

Monopoly handout

Monopolistic Competition handout

Oligopoly handout 1 / Oligopoly handout 2

Primary reading

Sloman et al (2012)

Introduction to market structures / Perfect competition

Sloman et al (2012), chapter 6 [or Sloman and Wride (2009), chapter 6]

Lee, C (2007), SCP, NEIO and beyond, Nottingham University Business School Working Paper Series, Vol. 2007-05, March

Teece, D (1984), Economic analysis and strategic management, California Managment Review, vXXVI no3, Spring pp87-110 [EBSCO – requires Athens log in]

Monopoly (vs perfect competition)

Sloman et al (2012), chapter 6 [or Sloman and Wride (2009), chapter 6]

Armstrong, M (2006), Price discrimination, Department of Economics, University College London

Diamond, A (2006), Schumpeter’s Creative Destruction: A Review of the Evidence, Journal of Private Enterprise, Fall

OFT (2009), Government in markets: Why competition matters – a guide for policy makers, Office of Fair Trading, September

Dell website

Monopolistic competition

Sloman et al (2012), chapter 7 [or Sloman and Wride (2009), chapter 7]

Brakman, S and Heijdra, BJ (2003), The Monopolistic Competition Revolution in Retrospect, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press [excerpt from chapter 1 – pdf]

Oligopoly I

Sloman et al (2012), chapter 7 [or Sloman and Wride (2009), chapter 7]

Binmore, K and Klemperer, P (2001), The Biggest Auction Ever: the Sale of the British 3G Telecom Licences, Nuffield College Economics Working Papers, University of Oxford


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Oligopoly II

 Sloman et al (2012), chapter 7 [or Sloman and Wride (2009), chapter 7]

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Balakrishnan, A (2006), ICI fined £63m for its part in European glass price fixing, The Guardian, June 1st

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OFT (2011), Competition Act – completed investigations: Tobacco, Office of Fair Trading