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Commercial aircraft manufacturing industry

Research challenge reading

Task A: Production and manufacture

Tang, C. S., & Zimmerman, J. D. (2009), Managing New Product Development and Supply Chain Risks: The Boeing 787 Case, Supply Chain Forum: International Journal, 10(2), 74-86 [EBSCO link]

Task B and C: Market forecasts and competitive approach

Airbus (2011), Global Market Forecast 2011-2030, Airbus S.A.S. [full pdf]

Boeing (2011), Current Market Outlook 2011-2030, Boeing Commercial Airplanes [full pdf]


General commentary

Economist (2009), World trade and commercial aircraft: A dogfight no one can win, The Economist, Aug 13th

Economist (2011), The aviation industry: Flying above the clouds,  The Economist – ‘Gulliver’ blog, Sep 20th

Economist (2011), Making aircraft: Full throttle, The Economist, Nov 26th

Economist (2012), Boeing: Faster, faster, faster, The Economist, Jan 28th

Other Manufacturers’ market forecasts

Bombardier (2011), Taking flight: Bombardier commercial aircraft – market forecast 2011-2030, Bombardier Inc. [full pdf]

Embraer (2011), Commercial Jets market outlook 2011-2030 [full pdf], Embraer Commercial Jets


COMAC – Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd