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innov+tech 7: Does IT matter ?


  • Discussion of Carr’s (2003) Harvard Business Review article and subsequent debate

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Primary Resources

  • Carr, N (2003a), IT doesn’t matter, Harvard Business Review, May v81 i5 pp41-49 [EBSCO]
    Nick Carr has now posted the entire article, in chunks, on his blog – RoughType
  • Seely Brown, J and Hagel, J (2003), Does IT matter ? [Letters to the editor], Harvard Business Review, July, v81 i7 pp109-113 [EBSCO]
  • Anderson, C (2004), The long tail, Wired, 12.10 pp170-177
  • Gilder, G (2006) The Information Factories , Wired, 14.10 pp180-202
  • Carr, N (2003b), Does IT matter ? Nicholas Carr responds [Letters to the editor], Harvard Business Review, July, v81 i7 p112 [EBSCO]
  • Carr, N (2004), The corrosion of IT advantage: strategy makes a comebackJournal of Business Strategy, Volume 25 Number 5 pp. 10-15 [Use Athens login to get full access]
  • Carr, N (2004), Does IT Matter?: Information Technology and the Corrosion of Competitive Advantage, Harvard Business School Press
    Scholar Google has sample pages displayed by agreement with Harvard Business School Press

Kurzweil, R (2001), The Law of Accelerating Returns, March 7

Metcalfe, R (2004), Why IT matters, Technology Review, July v 107
i5 pp58-61 [ProQuest]

Neilsen, J (2004), Undoing the Industrial revolution, Alertbox, Nov 22

Nordhaus , W (2001), The Progress of Computing, Yale University and the NBER, July 16 [140k pdf]

Moore, G (2003), No Exponential is Forever…but We Can Delay ‘Forever’ (PDF 2MB), presentation at International Solid State Circuits Conference (ISSCC), February 10

Porter, M (2001), Strategy and the Internet, Harvard Business Review, March pp60-78 [EBSCO]

Vandenbosch, B and Lyytinen, K (2004), Much ado about IT: a response to “the corrosion of IT advantage” by
Nicholas G. Carr
, Journal of Business Strategy, v25 i6 pp10-12 [pdf]

Varian, H (2003), Does IT matter ? [Letters to the editor], Harvard Business Review, July, v81 i7 p112 [EBSCO]

Varian, H (2004), How Much Does Information Technology Matter?, NY Times, May 6

Williams, M (2008), The Digital Utility, TechReview, March/April

Good overview of Carr’s original article and of the more recent book, The Big Switch

Secondary Resources

Intel (2003), Moore’s Law, Intel

Wikipedia (2008), Moore’s Law

Stokes, J (2003), Classic.Ars: Understanding Moore’s Law, Ars Technica

The Register has a brief article on Virginia Tech’s cluster supercomputer.

Amazon Web Services

Other reading

10/10/06 Just How Important Is IT Anyway? Author Nick Carr and Microsoft’s Robert McDowell talk about whether today’s IT can offer companies a competitive advantage. Nicholas Carr touched off a heated debate on the role of information technology in business with the publication in 2003 of his Harvard Business Review article “IT Doesn’t Matter” and the 2004 book Does IT Matter? Information Technology and the Corrosion of Competitive Advantage.