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Assessment /2548

Key forms

Assessment 2 marksheet

Assessment Strategy

weight –– component –– due in

10% –– Tutorial participation and engagement –– w3-21

40% ––  Individual assignment –– week 23

50% –– Individual exam –– exam period

The coursework comprises of two components – a reflective essay and an ongoing participation and engagement component in tutorials.

The essay, due in the second term, builds on a selected seminar case study from the module. However, the participation and engagement in case study tutorials, leading up to the submission of the essay, will accrue over the year.

The exam will take place in the usual exam period and will require students to answer two essay questions from a choice of around eight questions (in one hour). The questions will cover the syllabus and will expect students to demonstrate a suitable grasp of the contemporary economic environment and make use of economic models and tools of analysis.


All reassessment information is provided on the module’s Blackboard presence, under the Assessment menu item.

Do not re-do the original assignments for reassessment – new topics have been set.