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Tutorials /2547

Most of the tutorials after the initial one (week 2/3), will be structured as case study sessions. For the case study seminars, a worksheet with a set of discussion questions will be provided for each session on the site, along with guided reading. Preparation BEFORE the tutorial is a requirement – you will be expected to bring a completed worksheet and to have read the key articles. Part of your coursework assessment will be drawn from your participation and engagement in the tutorials.

Week 2/3 – Introduction

Week 4/5 – Lab session – Case 1: Maddison project

Week 7/8 – Case 2: Causal factors in the Industrial revolution

Week 9/10 – Case 3: Technological change

Week 16/17 – Case 4: Financial crises

Week 18/19 – Case 5: Inter-war economic thought and policy

Week 20/21 – Exam briefing

Week 23/24 – Lab session – Piketty’s inequality dataset