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Assessment /2547


All reassessment information will be provided on the module’s Blackboard presence, under the Deferral and reassessment menu item, available fro July 16th.

Do not re-do the original assignments for reassessment – new topics have been set.

Assessment Strategy

weight –– component –– due in

50%     ––         coursework:

40% –– Individual reflective journal –– XX 2019 [week 25]

10% –– Tutorial participation and engagement –– w4-21 in class

50% –– Individual exam –– exam period

The coursework comprises of two components – an ongoing participation and engagement component in seminars and a series of reflective responses to the seminar discussions that combine to produce a reflective journal.

The exam will take place in the usual exam period and will require students to answer an essay question and a series of short answer questions (in one hour). The questions will cover the syllabus and will expect students to demonstrate a suitable grasp of the range of issues and literature.