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Lectures /2547

Material supporting each of the lecture topics is made available on each of the topic pages (see list below or menu at top of page).

In each case, suggested reading will be provided. It can be the case that other sources may be added at some later point. You are advised to check back frequently. At some later point, copies of lecture slides will be made available. Attending the lecture is the best way to get the lecture handouts in a timely fashion.

Screencasts of the lecture slides, with audio, will be made available via Blackboard.

w1: Introduction to module [see module handbook]

w2: Philosophy and methods in Economic History

w3-4: The pre-industrial world

w5-7: Britain’s industrial revolution

w8: Technological change – energy

w9: Technological change – transport

w10: The emergence of political economy

w11: Financial system and banking

w15-16: The 20th century economy

w17: Inter-war economy and policy

w18: Inter-war economic thought

w19: Bretton Woods Institutions

w20-21: Wealth, national income and inequality

w23: Growth of the public sector

w24: Deindustrialisation in the UK

w25: Privatisation

w26-27: Revision