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w10: Classical economic thought /2547

Week 10: The emergence of Political Economy [pdf]

Primary reading

Backhouse, R (2002), The Penguin History of Economics, London: Penguin books [ch6-7]

Backhouse, R and Tribe, K (2014), Economic ideas and the emergence of political economy, in Floud, R, Humphries, J and Johnson, J (eds), The Cambridge Economic History of Modern Britain vol 1 1700-1870, Cambridge: CUP [pp421-442]

Formaini, RL (2002), Adam Smith – Capitalism’s prophet, Economic Insights, v7 no.1

Formaini, RL (2004), David Ricardo – Theory of international free trade, Economic Insights, v9 no.2


Wikipedia entries on Adam Smith, Thomas Malthus, Jeremy BenthamDavid Ricardo, the Corn Laws,  JB Say, JS Mill, William Jevons

INET (2012), D’Maris Coffman — The Corn Laws: Seeing through the Eyes of Ricardo and Malthus [interview], Institute for New Economic Thinking, Oct 16th -> about this project: Corn Returns Online

Knapton, S (2017), Severed head of eccentric Jeremy Bentham to go on display as scientists test DNA to see if he was autistic, The Telegraph, Oct 2nd

Library of Economics and Liberty (2008) – Adam Smith, The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics

Panmure House (2013), Adam Smith, Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University history of economics timeline <- very useful for overview