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w23/24: Lab – World Wealth & Income database /2547

The lab will explore the datasets available in the World Wealth & Income database, which reflects Thomas Piketty’s work on inequality.

Tasks will be provided in the lab.

Background reading

Watch this>> Piketty, T (2014), New thoughts on capital in the twenty-first century, TED Salon Berlin, June [21 minutes] – you can also get the transcript from his talk, which may be helpful.

Avent, R (2014), The third great wave, The Economist, Oct 14th

The Economist (2014a), To those that have shall be givenThe Economist, Oct 14th

The Economist (2014b), Arrested development, The Economist, Oct 14th

The Economist (2014c), Technology isn’t workingThe Economist, Oct 14th

Mishraj, P (2014), The western model is broken, The Guardian, Oct 14th

Piketty, T and Zucman, G (2014), Capital is back: Wealth-income ratios in rich countries 1700-2010, The Quarterly Journal of Economics, pp1255-1310

Piketty, T and Saez, E (2013), Top incomes and the Great Recession: Recent evolutions and policy implications, IMF Economic Review, v61 No 3 pp456-478