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Case 1: business models in photography

The following discussion questions are based on the primary reading below:


1. Explain Kelly’s concept of generatives and discuss how it might apply to photography.

2. Outline Jonathan Worth’s ‘Photography 2.0’ trial.

3. What other opportunities for new business models that might exist in photography ?
[Use the Osterwalder and Pigneur ‘business model canvas’ template to illustrate them]

4. Are there any lessons in developing new business models that photography might take from the music industry ?
[Use the Osterwalder and Pigneur ‘business model canvas’ template to illustrate them]

Primary reading

Kelly, K (2008), Better Than Free, the technium [blog], Jan 31st

Worth, J (2010), Given Things away, New Photographics [blog], Jan 11

Campbell, David (2010), Thinking Freely: new business models for the digital economy, [blog], May 13th – I have produced a pdf version for printing

Masnick, M (2009), The Future Of Music Business Models (And Those Who Are Already There), TechDirt, Jan 25th


*** Osterwalder, A and Pigneur, Y (2010), Business Model Generation: A Handbook for Visionaries, Game Changers, and Challengers, Chichester: Wiley & Sons [sample chapters pdf]

Davidson, T (2008), Five Lessons: How Photographers can Create New Business Models, [blog], Sept 30th

Davidson, T (2008), Start Here: Photography Business Models (thirty four posts on Evolving Business Models in the Photography Industry), [blog], Nov 17th

McClary, H (2009), A Photo Credit Doesn’t Pay the Rent, Black Star Rising [agency blog], Nov 5th

Worth, J (2010), Don’t Be Scared of the F-Word When Exploring New Business Models, Black Star Rising [agency blog], Jan 22nd

Ritchin, F (2009), Towards a Sustainable Journalism, After Photography [blog], Nov 23rd

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Techdirt’s CWF + RTB business model