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Creative tools: Photography

Lecture handouts

Key Sources lecture 1

Badger, G (2009), The genius of photography, Quadrille Publishing

BBC (2009), The genius of photography, Wall to Wall Media [DVD]

Shirky, C (2008), Here comes everybody, Penguin Books

Images for L1

The ‘Decisive Moment’

Robert Capa‘Nick’ UtRichard DrewHenri Cartier-BressonLorenzo Dominguez

Postmodern: Jef Wall (and Hokusai original)

Mermaid Parade on Flickr

Chase Jarvis photography [L1]

Mclean, D (2009), The art of iPhone photography, Tidbits, May 19th [L1]

Key Sources lecture 2

Archer, J (2009),, Spring Arbor Univ, Mar 13 [brief video tutorial on iTunes U]

Ang, T (2008), Digital photography masterclass, Dorling Kindersley

Butler, R (2009), Sense and Sensitivity, editorial, Sept 23

Creative Commons see also Flickr’s page on creative commons

Clark, R (2008), Digital Cameras: Does Pixel Size Matter?,, Nov 2 [see example images here]

Garn J (2009), The tremendously lazy rule of thirds,, April 18

iDigitalPhoto (2007), Aperture – Everything you wanted to know but thought it was uncool to ask,, Oct 26

MIT (2006), Sensing place: Photography as inquiry (11.309J / 4.215J), MIT Open courseware, Spring [series of 8 video lectures on iTunes U]

Rodrigues, V (2008), 50 beautiful examples of tilt-shift photography,, Nov 16th

Wikipedia (2009a), Golden ratio,, Oct 12

Wikipedia (2009b), Digital compositing,, Sept 4

Wikipedia (2009c), Tilt-shift photography,, Oct 14

Wikipedia (2009d), Image sensor format,, Oct 6

And …

Martin Wilson photography [L2]

Beckett, C (2010), That demo/riot in full: same picture, different stories, POLIS Director’s blog, Nov 11th

Leeming, C (2010), Wide angle, [blog], Nov 12th [click the photo to see the wide angle view]

Flickr [L2]

Aviary Phoenix image editor

Tilt-shift maker [L2]

Additional Sources

Phonar – Jonathan Worth’s open undergraduate course on photography and narrative at Coventry University: a fantastic resource

Burnett, R (2005), How images think, MIT Press

Leadbeater, C (2008), We-think, Profile Books

Tapscott, D and Williams, AD (2006), Wikinomics, Portfolio Books