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IPR and creative work


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Secondary sources

Masnick, M (2010a), Remix Culture Is About The Culture As Much As The Remix, TechDirt, Feb 8th (which discusses the excellent Julian Sanchez video about remix culture)

Masnick, M (2010b), Content Creation Is An Evolutionary Process, TechDirt, Feb 22nd (follow up to the above)

Lawrence Lessig’s site has a lot of useful and interesting stuff
“Our mission: to highlight the economic, artistic, and social harm caused by monopoly-based distribution methods, and to demonstrate how freedom-based distribution is better for artists and audiences.”

Intellectual Property Office

Cheng, J (2010), Dancing tot prevails over UMG in YouTube fair use case, Ars Technica, Mar 1st

Dunn, P (2010), Photographers to lose copyright & right to photograph in public places, PhotoActive, Mar 1st

Follow up material

Cory Doctorow on DRM

Creative Commons (see Boyle, ch 8)

Eric S Raymond (2000), The Cathedral and the Bazaar