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Digital photo lab

Digital photography lab brief

The theme for this brief is Revolution / Evolution

Prior to the lab taking place (in week 8 or 9 ), you should have produced a series of digital photographic images reflecting your interpretation of the theme, using whatever digital camera tools you have at your disposal. This can be your phone camera or a standalone digital camera. This is an open brief – it is up to you interpret what it means to you.

You will need to join Flickr (if you do not already have an account). Upload your best five (or favourite five, or whatever …) images to Flickr. The images should be tagged < 2532-10-re > in Flickr and made generally available, rather than private.

Lab Activities

You will need to have some images uploaded to Flickr (preferably that meet the brief).

1. Basic photo editing: Using Picnik for photo editing in Flickr

Picnik works from within Flickr. Just click on edit photo from the icon list above one of your images on Flickr. The Picnik editor interface will load (eventually), giving you some simple editing tools, including rotate, crop, resize, exposure, colours, sharpen and red eye. These allow simple tweaks to an image, but are limited in scope.

Experiment with adjusting exposure, cropping and sharpening (see what happens when you apply too much sharpening).

The Create tab allows some frivolousness but Effects are worth exploring (though most are only available to Premium Picnik users)

2. Not so Basic editing: using

You will need to sign up to get an account on

Once you have an account, you can upload images directly to your photoshop library (without the resolution constraint that Flickr has) or you can import images from other places, including Flickr, Facebook, Picassa and Photobucket. If you wish to import, you must allow authorisation – logging in to your other place account will automatically bring up the relevant authorisation dialogue. Once done, you can import and edit within freely. offers more controlled (creative) tools than the free version of Picnik. To edit, double-click on an image from your library and select edit from the toolbar at the bottom of the window (or single click and select edit from the drop down menu on the bottom right corner of the image).

Try the Advanced edit options like Pop Color [sic], hue, black and white, tint and so on.

The adjustments to exposure are also more controlled than Picnik’s options – eg try adjusting white balance, highlight.

The Decorate option allows you to easily add type to an images, as well as more frivolous things.

Upload your final set of edited images to your Flickr account – the easiest way to do this is to drag the image to your Flickr account in the left hand bar, under Other Sites, when you are logged in to it.