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Assessment 1 – B /2548

B: Seminar participation and engagement

Summer Reassessment – deferral/referral: there is a reassessment coursework which replaces the seminar P&E activities and the reflective journal. Please see the module’s Blackboard presence. Do not submit seminar worksheets for reassessment.

Your engagement with the module’s seminar programme will be graded and will be aggregated into an overall mark that will form 10% of the final coursework grade.

The net effect is that the extent to which you maintain on-going engagement with the module will have a significant effect on your coursework grade and thus on your overall grade for the module.

Marks will be accrued for:

  • Demonstrating adequate preparation
    (through bringing the relevant case study worksheet, with completed responses to all questions, as well as the case study’s primary source material, either as hard copy or on a digital device)
    – up to 2 marks per case study seminar
  • Demonstrating participation and contribution
    (through your peer group discussions and informal group presentations to the rest of your seminar group)
    – up to 3 marks per case study seminar

If you miss your seminar – and have notified your tutor of your non-attendance (eg due to illness, interviews etc) within 24 hours of the missed session – you may recoup all the missed seminar marks by attending a different seminar group for that case study or, if no further groups are available, by attending a non-timetabled individual session with your tutor.

If you have failed to attend and have not notified your tutor of your absence within this time, or attempt to attend without preparation, you may recoup the preparation marks only (ie 2 marks per case, out of the maximum 5), by submission of your completed worksheet for that case, normally within 14 days of the missed tutorial.