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w4: Post-crisis economics III /2548

Topic 1

Lecture handouts

Some follow through on the prize discussion

Shown at the beginning of week 5 lecture: Duflo, E and Banerjee, A (2019), If we’re serious about changing the world, we need a better kind of economics to do it, The Guardian, Oct 30th

I did mention Mariana Mazzucato in the lecture today and I’ve found this:

Mariana Mazzucato wins inaugural ‘Not the Nobel’ prize (from Promoting Economic Pluralism)

RePEc also does rankings (by citation essentially and have a ranking of the Top 10% Female Economists, as of September 2019. IWPR have also recently published a report on Women of Color in Economics and Sociology: Poor Climate, Unequal Treatment, and Lack of Legitimacy (which raises some parallel concerns to the Javdani and Chang case article).

Manchester students have (as of last year) started a Diversifying Economics society.

Lecture reading

* The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (2019), Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences *


Cassidy, J (2009), How markets fail – The logic of economic calamities, London: Penguin books

INET interview with Philip Mirowski on the impact of the Economics ‘Nobel’ on the discipline

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See also: New York Times (2006), A history of home values [graphic], New York Times, Aug 26th [which reflects Robert Shiller’s work]; and The Economist (2011a), Between a rock and a living space, The Economist, Mar 3rd

Smith, Y (2019), Impoverished Economics? Unpacking the Economics Nobel Prize, Naked Capitalism blog, Oct 19th

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