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w4: Post-crisis economics III /2548

Topic 1

Lecture handouts

  • w4: The crisis in economics 3 – Nobel prizes

Lecture reading

The Economist (2012), Game, set and match [on Roth and Shapley], The Economist, Oct 20th

The Economist (2014), It’s complicated [on Tirole], The Economist, Oct 14th

The Economist (2015), Reality cheque [on Deaton], The Economist, Oct 17th

The Economist (2016), Oliver Hart and Bengt Holmstrom win the Nobel prize for economic sciences, The Economist Free Exchange blog, Oct 10th

The Economist (2017), Richard Thaler’s work demonstrates why economics is hard, The Economist Free Exchange blog, Oct 11th

Elliott, L (2018), US economists win Nobel prize for work on climate and growth, The Guardian, Oct 8th

Elliott, L and Moulds, J (2012) , Nobel prize for economics won by Alvin Roth and Lloyd Shapley, The Guardian, Oct 15th

Inman, P and Kollewe, J (2010), Peter Diamond, Dale Mortensen and Christopher Pissarides share economics Nobel prize for jobs study, The Guardian, Oct 11th

Inman, P (2013), American trio share Nobel economics prize for work on asset prices, The Guardian, Oct 14th

Inman, P (2015), Angus Deaton wins Nobel prize in economics, The Guardian, Oct 12th

New York Times (2006), A history of home values [graphic], New York Times, Aug 26th
[Robert Shiller’s work;
see also – The Economist (2011a), Between a rock and a living space, The Economist, Mar 3rd]

Offer, A (2016), The Nobel prize in economics takes too little account of social democracy, The Guardian, Oct 10th

Partington, R (2017), Nobel prize in economics awarded to Richard Thaler, The Guardian, Oct 11th

Shiller, R (2017), Richard Thaler is a controversial Nobel prize winner – but a deserving one, The Guardian, Oct 11th

Venook, J (2016), The Political Slant of the Nobel Prize in Economics, The Atlantic, Oct 9th [interview with Avner Offer]


The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (2018), Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences

Wikipedia (2018), List of Nobel Memorial Prize laureates in Economics