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w7: Ethics and economics I /2548

Topic 2


  • w7: Introduction to economics and ethics [pdf]

Lecture reading

Ariely, D (2009), Predictably irrational, London: Harper

Layard, R (2006), Happiness – Lessons from a new science,  London: Penguin

Rodrik, D (2017), The fatal flaw of neoliberalism: it’s bad economics, The Guardian, Nov 14th

Sandel, M (2012), What money can’t buy – The moral limits of markets, London: Allen Lane **

Michael Sandel’s talk at Aspen Ideas Festival 2012

* Michael Sandel’s 2013 TED talk in Edinburgh *

Examples from week 7 lecture


Neslen, A (2017), Nestlé, Hershey and Mars ‘breaking promises over palm oil use’, The Guardian, Oct 28th

Rankin, J (2017), EU to investigate UK tax loophole for multinationals, The Guardian, Oct 25th

Hopkins, N and Bowers, S (2017), Apple secretly moved parts of empire to Jersey after row over tax affairs,The Guardian, Nov 6th

Monaghan, A (2017), Rio Tinto charged with fraud in US and fined £27.4m in UK, The Guardian, Oct 18th

Kollewe, J (2017), Kobe Steel scandal deepens over quality of products used in cars and aircraft, The Guardian, Oct 11th

Butler, S and Topham, G (2017), Uber stripped of London licence due to lack of corporate responsibility, The Guardian, Sept 23rd

Glenza, J (2017), Tobacco companies interfere with health regulations, WHO reports, The Guardian, July 19th


Chakrabortty, A (2016), Boots staff under pressure to milk the NHS for cash, says pharmacists’ union, The Guardian, April 13th

Evans R et al (2016), Rolls-Royce middlemen may have used bribes to land major contractsThe Guardian, Oct 31st

Farrell, S (2016), World’s 20 biggest banks rack up £252bn ‘conduct costs’ in five yearsThe Guardian, July 18th

Monaghan, A (2016), Pfizer fined record £84.2m over NHS overchargingThe Guardian, Dec 7th

Neslen, A (2016), EU drops law to limit cancer-linked chemical in food after industry complaintThe Guardian, Oct 26th

Osborne, H (2016), Uber loses right to classify UK drivers as self-employedThe Guardian, Oct 28th

Thielman, S (2016), Volkswagen to pay $14.7bn settlement and buy back cars from consumersThe Guardian, June 28th