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w9: Ethics and economics III /2548

Topic 2


  • w9: Defining business ethics
  • Ford Pinto case study

Lecture reading

Crane, A and Matten, D (2010), Business Ethics (3rd ed), Oxford: OUP

Dowie, M (1977), Pinto MadnessMother Jones Magazine, Sept/Oct

Hazard, GC (1995), Law, morals and ethics, Yale Law School: Faculty Scholarship Series, Paper 2372

Nash, LL (1990), Good intentions aside: A  manager’s guide to resolving ethical problems,Harvard Business Press

Schwartz, GT (1991), The myth of the Ford Pinto caseRutgers Law Review, v43 pp1013-1068


Bandolier (2007), Death, transportation, and travel (UK), Bandolier Journal – probabilities of death for different modes of transport

Neate, R (2015), GM to pay $900m to avoid criminal inquiry into fault that led to deathsThe Guardian, Sept 17th

Penenberg, A (2014), GM’s hit and run: How a lawyer, mechanic, and engineer blew open the worst auto scandal in history, Pando Daily, Oct 18th

GM Ignition recall site

Vehicle and Operator Services Agency – recalls – explore how many recalls manufacturers have undertaken recently