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Topic 1: introduction /2548

The initial session covers the module’s structure and outlined assessment.

See ECON2135-14 Module handbook [pdf]

Lecture handout 1a / lecture handout 1b / lecture handout 1c [pdfs]

Week 1–2 lecture reading

Boettke, P (1996), What is wrong with neoclassical economics (and what is still wrong with Austrian economics), in Foldvary, F (1996), Beyond neoclassical economics, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing

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Institute for New Economic Thinking – see Inaugural Conference: The Economic Crisis and the Crisis in Economics (which ran April 8-11 2010) – great selection of speakers’ videos, papers and interviews

Real World Economics Review blog

Nobel prizes in Economics (good set of resources on each the winners, including interviews)

2011 ‘Nobel’ for economics page on 2011 winners

Tabarrok, A (2011), Nobel for Sargent and Sims, Marginal Revolution [blog], Oct 10th

2010 ‘Nobel’ for economics

Nobel prize for economics: three share prize for labour market study (The Guardian) page on 2010 winners

INET interview with Philip Mirowski on the impact of the Economics ‘Nobel’ on the discipline

Wikipedia (usual provisos on following up identified sources applies) has a good set of entries on Alfred Marshall, Paul Samuelson, Gary Becker and the Chicago School