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innov+tech 1: Introduction

Topic 1 Covers:
  • A general introduction to the module’s structure.
  • Overview of some basic concepts, including trying to define innovation and some examination of its significance to the firm.

Lecture handout 1 / Lecture handout 2

Key Sources
  • Tidd and Bessant (2009), ch 1
  • Pohle, G and Wunker, S (2007), Innovating on your own terms, IBM Institute for Business Value/Innosight [pdf]
  • Conway and Steward (2009), ch 1
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  • Rose, F (2005), Seoul Machine, Wired, May
  • Spufford, F (2003), The Backroom Boys – the secret return of the British boffin, Faber & Faber
  • The Apple Newton – Palm PDA issue is more fully explored in Chrakravorti (2004), The New Rules for Bringing Innovations to Market, Harvard Business Review, March
Additional Sources
  • Kanter, R M (1999), From spare change to real change: the social sector as beta site for business innovation, Harvard Business Review May-June
  • McKeown, M (2008), The Truth about Innovation, Prentice Hall
  • Neely, A and Hii, J (1998), Innovation and Business Performance: A literature review, Government Office for the Eastern Region (I have a pdf copy of this article which can be emailed on request).
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