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innov+tech 2: Frameworks & Strategy I

Topic 2 Covers:
  • Introduction to strategy
  • Key analytical frameworks – Porter’s 5/7 forces, Blue Ocean, Technology life cycle, diffusion of innovation, ‘Crossing the chasm’

Lecture handouts

Key Sources

  • Tidd and Bessant (2009), ch 4
  • Conway and Steward (2009), ch 6, ch 4
  • Schilling (2008), ch 3 and ch 6


Additional Sources

Olenick, M (2008), Nintendo Wii Blue Ocean Strategy — Strategy Canvas,, April 1

Iskold, A (2007), Rethinking ‘Crossing The Chasm’,, Aug 6

21/8/06 Sleeping With The Enemy More companies are finding that “co-opetition,” or learning to work with rivals on certain projects, may be the best strategy [BusinessWeek – part of a special issue on Competition] [=one of the “extended forces” one may add to Porter’s basic 5 forces framework]

Mintzberg, Ahlstrand and Lampel (2005), Strategy bites back, FT-Prentice Hall [available from ET book shop]

From the authors of Strategy Safari – ‘bite-sized’ chunks on strategy, from a wide range of authors – easy to get to grips with and to dip in to. Highly recommended.

Brief outline of Porter’s 5 Force’s model (from and a more developed description and critique from has a densely packed precis of Brandenburger and Nalebuff’s 1996 book, Coopetition, at
Brandenburger and Nalebuff have a supporting website for the book too (albeit looking a little dated now)..

Trinkner, R with Smith, B (2002), Consumer technology adoption roadmap, Gartner | G2 (164k pdf)

Nader, F and Jiminez, L (2005), Substitution Patterns, Pitney-Bowes background
paper ( 1004k pdf)

CEA DVD Player Sales data, on a month by month basis …

Mintel (2006), Digital cameras and peripherals – UK, May [Mintel can be accessed here, using your Athens account]

** Ofcom (2009),The Communications Market 2009, Ofcom, August