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Innovation and technology management case studies

Seminars run to the following schedule : week 2 (in labs), week 4, week 6, week 8, week 10 (labs), week 16, week 18, week 20, week 26
Beyond the introductory lab session in week 2, the seminars will be largely case-driven. Case materials will be provided through the site and will involve some independent research and analysis prior to the seminar and some informal group discussion / presentation in the seminar.
Attendance at the seminars is vital to add sufficient in-depth understanding to the issues and concepts raised by the module. Preparation before the seminars is vital, from week 4 onwards. This bears reiteration: You MUST prepare for seminars and bring written preparation with you. If you don’t prepare you are likely to be excluded from the seminar session. Note that the exam questions will be drawn in part from the seminar cases.
Presentations for the group asignment will take place in seminars in week 16 and 18.