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Case study 1: Digital music

The following discussion questions are based on the primary reading below:

Discussion Questions

  1. Identify the market changes that have affected the ‘big 4’ music labels (as incumbents in the music industry)
    Is ‘piracy’ responsible for declining sales ?
  2. Outline how ‘free’ digital music can provide a legitimate business model for the music industry
  3. Given Apple’s dominance as a music retailer, how much of a threat are streaming music services like Spotify and ?
  4. Has the market for stand-alone music players peaked ?  What factors might be responsible ?
    Identify ways in which Apple has pursued product innovation that might reflect this

Primary reading

Economist (2010), Having a Ball: What’s working in music, The Economist, Oct 7th

Anderson, N (2010), File-sharers are content industry’s “largest customers”, Ars Technica, May 4th

Kelly, K (2008), Better Than Free, The Technium [blog], Jan 31st

Ofcom (2010), Communications Market Report, Ofcom, August [large pdf]
– see section 3.3.12 Online streaming services and 3.3.13 Use of digital music services and devices (pp226-231)

Arthur, C (2009), Twilight of the iPods, The Guardian, Sept 9th


Tapscott, D and Williams, A (2010), Book Excerpt: Macrowikinomics (Part 6) – Music industry, BusinessWeek, Oct 15th

music think tank

Economist (2007), Lessons from Apple, The Economist, June 7th

* New materials

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