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27th Setember 2010

I had been pondering how best to address the underpinning technology of the site, as the manual way I have been doing things became too time consuming over the last couple of years. I tried out WordPress and Drupal and have finally gone with Wordpress. In doing that, I've had to orphan the accumulated news archives to some degree - they are still in existence on this aged bit of economicstoolbox, but the ongoing clippings and blog comments will be automatically managed by wordpress, and will show up at the new home page. Today's the switchover day.

This will mean getting used to the Wordpress editor rather than Dreamweaver, but being able to post from my iPhone has some attraction!

The news archives are still useful: Articles are divided between microeconomics and macroeconomics. The microeconomics articles generally relate to modules CORP1111 and CORP2135 and the macroeconomics to modulesCORP1111 and CORP3502 . Look for the module logos next to the articles. Technology, innovation and eBusiness articles (for CORP2503, CORP3500 and CORP3502) are also archived in the Tech archive .

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