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about ET

Economics Toolbox is my site: it’s where I put my lecture materials and links; it’s where my case studies and seminar materials are posted; and where my assessment details live. As it has a blog component too, I will be increasingly posting comment, opinion and links to stuff I find interesting.

Technically, I finally got around to installing WordPress on the server in 2009, but didn’t do much with it. The rest of economicstoolbox had been very manual and I found it very hard to find the time in the past year or two to keep on top of updating the news content, especially. So, 2010 is a new start for the underpinning technology of the site and for how I will use some of it too. I’m hoping moving everything over to WordPress (whilst finding some way to archive the collected links from years gone by) will make the whole process more seamless and much less manual.

The old version of the site had collected relevant links since 2001 and these have been archived here for posterity…